The Five Finger Prayer

Luke 11:5-12 and Luke 18:1-5

Our responsibility is to ask. Be assured, God listens.

As you love to hear from your loved ones, God loves to hear from us.

Prayer - an ongoing dialogue with God.

Thumb - Pray for those nearest you such as your spouse, children, siblings, family, friends and co-workers.

Pointing Finger - Pray for those who instruct, heal and minister such as teachers, health care professionals, pastors and church workers.

Middle/Highest Finger - Pray for leaders in business, police and fire departments, military personnel, and local, state and federal government including the judiciary.

Fourth/Weakest Finger - Pray for those sick and in need, locally, nationally and internationally including the persecuted church and those who have suffered natural and man-made disasters.

Fifth/Smallest Finger - Pray for your needs.

Excerpted from 2-20-00 message by Rev. Mark D. Berry
Senior Pastor of First Church of the Nazarene, Dothan, AL

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